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The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) designation is a professional certification for individuals with extensive experience in business analysis (BA). CBAP recipients are the main senior members of the BA community. The evolution of business analytics professionals into expanding roles depends on a combination of digital skills, business vision and targeted knowledge to generate better business results in all sectors. Agile methods and approaches have become prevalent in recent years. The ideas that have been identified in the field of software product development have spread beyond software development to many other areas that are impacted by business analysis. Adapt more quickly to our rapidly changing world and customer needs. Business data analysis is a practice by which a specific set of techniques, skills and procedures are applied to perform continuous data exploration, iteration and investigation past and current business, with the goal of gaining insights into a business that can lead to improvements by making a decision. The business analytics role in cybersecurity is becoming more common. Today’s business analytics professionals have an obligation to develop basic knowledge and competence in the effective use of cyber security tools and approaches for managing information and processes. Preparing for the EXIN Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification exam.

What are the benefits of obtaining the CBAP Certification?

  • It demonstrates you have the knowledge, competencies and experience as a highly effective business analysis professional.

  • It allows you to stand out to employers and peers by showcasing your dedication to your career and the profession of business analysis.

  • CBAP certified professionals have higher compensation, earn up to 13% more being CBAP certified.

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