How do I get Udemy courses for free or at highly discounted prices?

If you want Udemy courses at a discounted rate, then do either of these 3 –

  1. First, log out from Udemy and go to google search and search for the course that you want to enroll in. Udemy will show the course as a google ads link. just click on that course and Udemy will think that you are a new student and will get a course link with a discounted rate.
  2. If the 1st option is not working, try the same process using incognito mode.
  3. If the 1st 2 methods do not work, then change your browser and try these methods again.

If you want the Udemy Courses for free, then read below –

There are many websites where you can get genuine coupon codes for paid courses and most of the time, they will work if you use the coupon before they expire.

The site that I like the most is-

  • Coupontex – Publishes recent coupon codes that have not expired. This website contains the maximum collections of coupon codes.

You cannot get all the Udemy Paid Courses for free. Of Course, there are people who would suggest illegal ways to download Udemy Courses but those are unethical ways.

Udemy usually comes up with 2–3 sale-duration every month when they provide their courses for as low as $10. Many of these courses are top-quality courses and justify the money you pay.

Apart from this, the Instructor provides Free coupons and they cannot be redeemed beyond 1000 students as a max of 1000 students can enroll them for free so you have to enroll in the course as soon as the coupon is out.

Note: It is best to subscribe to the Telegram group or youtube or Pinterest or any other social media handles of the website Coupontex.