Visual effects Concepts Using After Effects

Learn the proper techniques for Keying, Tracking, and color Correction using After Effects


it’s very common for people to think of composting as a sort of magic that can fix any problem but that attitude can and will backfire and post.

Massive amounts of money are spent on fixing bad shots, but with very simple education you can take perfect shots. That zip through post-production, and then more power can be spent on things that matter.

The goal is to cover the principles behind compositing effects, which is far more valuable than editing effects without knowledge.

The camera and its settings will be discussed first, along with everything else that is theoretical besides the effects, Before beginning to edit the film, we will go over some advice on how to take good videos and adjust your shooting technique.  We’ll talk about color theory and why green is the most useful color. So This course will therefore cover all aspects of keying, its types, and the many ways to use it. also, we will talk about tracking All types and conditions for each type, as well as provide examples and highlight typical errors. We’ll discuss tracking markers, their colors, forms, and appropriate applications. Additionally, we will learn how to match colors and adjust colors.

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