Videography Basics: Create Commercials in your Bedroom

A simple guide to turn your bedroom to a completely functional filming studio and create commercials in it


Yes you read the title correctly. Bedroom commercials. In this course I am going through everything that you’re going to need as well as the whole shooting and editing process in creating a professional-looking commercial in your bedroom.

You don’t have to be an experienced videographer in order to follow the content of this course.  This course is made for regular people and Camera fanatics that want to make the best out of their small spaces and learn how to brainstorm, shoot and edit product commercials.

During the past three years of me working as a part-time filmmaker I have developed a a strategy on how to turn your bedroom into a fully functional filming Studio that can easily shoot product commercials that give a professional vibe. In this course we’re going to start with how I brainstorm my commercial and in how I create a shot list, then I’m going to show you the most value for money gear that you’re going to need in order to pull this off, and finally I’m going to show you how I set up everything how I shoot the commercail as well as how I edit it. I really believe that many people will find Value in this course, so have a seat and lets go!

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