Indian Stock Market



In this course you be able to learn the following things. The course is such designed that a person with no prior knowledge of Stock Market will be able to trade in the market. In the whole session, You will be guided with Knowledge and stuff you will required to do trading. Stock market is the exchange of shares of a particular company between the people who buys it and the person who sells it. Any company on its initial phase is a startup. When the founders of the company what to grow their existing business on a higher level, They use the power of shares distribution. So, If a founder of the company introduce its share within the market, People with similar interest will buy that share (with a particular quantity) and in against of that the founder use to give the particular % of ownership within the same company. And this money is then be used for the growth of the company. The value of the company increases with the growth and asserts. This learning will be help full for your Trading journey

1. Basics of Stock Market

2. How to Trade in Stock Market

3. Trading Strategies

4. Trading Tools

5. Advance Trading Road Map

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