Procreate: Create Characters and Professional Storyboards

Tell stories in your own unique way!


This course is intended for purchase by adults over the age of 18.

Having the ability to draw on an iPad opens new possibilities and allows you to move into the world of digital art. With Procreate you can take your art studio anywhere at any time to draw when it best suits you! Procreate is especially useful for character drawing due to its flexibility.

To be able to tell a story through your art is very rewarding and magical; in this Procreate course, I teach you all the techniques and tools needed to use your magic box (your iPad) to start telling your stories!

In this fun learning process, I will first teach you how to develop story ideas and map out your story through creating storyboards, how to find your main characters, main scenes as well as brainstorming sessions for storyboard design.

Then, you will learn how to sketch your ideas both on paper and on your iPad, while at the same time introducing the tools and techniques that are going to be used further on in this course such as different brushes and layers.

You will have access to HD video tutorials with a high quality voiceover and graphical overlays to assist your learning. FREE extra learning materials including downloadable artwork outlines and grids will help you practise what you have learnt.

Learn how to draw different animal characters on your iPad, how to make these illustrations unique and fun by putting your own stamp on them. During these character drawings I will tell you the tips and hacks you can use for time efficiency and accuracy.

The next, very fun, entertaining and instructive part is telling a story together; in this part we will read a very short story together, sketch it and make storyboards for it. All of these sections will be taught step by step and you can easily follow the teacher’s footsteps so by the end of the course you would have created a storyboard of a short story for yourself!

Join us in ‘how to create character and professional storyboards’, and soon you will be able to tell your stories in your own unique way!

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