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What’s Zero Trust? 

Zero trust is a cybersecurity strategy that assumes that no user or device can be trusted, even if they are inside the corporate network. This is in contrast to traditional security models, which assume that users and devices inside the network are trusted by default.

The zero trust model is based on the principle of “never trust, always verify.” This means that all access to resources is granted on a least-privileged basis, and users and devices are continuously authenticated and authorized.

Zero trust is a complex security strategy, but it can be a very effective way to protect your organization from cyberattacks. If you are looking for a more secure approach to cybersecurity, then zero trust is worth considering.

Over the last couple of years we all saw the hype over the adoption of Zero Trust strategy, vendors pushing their products all over the place with each vendor defining its own definition for Zero Trust.

In our course we will go through the neutral Zero Trust approach to understand its architecture and how we can use our existing systems to adopt this strategy, and how to optimize our security spendings in Zero Trust strategy.

This course is design to meet both: 

  • Cyber security executive and managers who would like a neutral overview of the Zero Trust strategy.

  • Cyber security architect and solutions engineers who work with IT professionals to design and implement Zero Trust strategy.

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