Entrepreneurial Orientation, Intention, Behavior & Culture

Entrepreneurial Orientation, Entrepreneurial Intention,Entrepreneurial Behavior,Culture, Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Entrepreneurial Orientation, Intention, Behavior & Culture

This course provides an in-depth exploration of the key concepts that underpin entrepreneurial success, including entrepreneurial orientation, intention, behavior, and culture. Students will begin by understanding the foundational elements of entrepreneurial orientation, examining its dimensions such as innovativeness, risk-taking, and proactiveness. The course will delve into the psychological and sociological factors that shape entrepreneurial intentions, highlighting the role of personal motivation and external influences. Practical applications and real-world examples will be used to illustrate how entrepreneurial orientation is assessed and cultivated in various business contexts.

Building on this foundation, the course will explore entrepreneurial behavior, differentiating it from managerial behavior and identifying the critical skills and traits necessary for entrepreneurial success. Students will learn how to measure and assess entrepreneurial behavior using various tools and case studies. The course will also address the concept of entrepreneurial culture, examining how national, regional, and organizational cultures influence entrepreneurial activities. Strategies for fostering an entrepreneurial culture within organizations will be discussed, with a focus on overcoming cultural barriers to enhance entrepreneurial outcomes.

Finally, the course will link innovation with entrepreneurial practices, investigating the processes and strategies that promote innovation in businesses. Students will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with fostering innovation and learn to integrate entrepreneurial orientation, intention, behavior, and culture into a cohesive and holistic approach. By synthesizing these concepts, students will be equipped to apply integrated strategies and insights to real-world entrepreneurial scenarios, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship.

In this master course I would like to teach 8 modules:
Module 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurial Orientation

Module 2: Entrepreneurial Intention

Module 3: Entrepreneurial Behavior

Module 4: Entrepreneurial Culture

Module 5: The Role of Innovation in Entrepreneurship

Module 6: Risk Management in Entrepreneurship

Module 7: Proactiveness and Opportunity Recognition

Module 8: Integrating Entrepreneurial Orientation, Intention, Behavior & Culture

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