Modern Business Leadership: Conquer People Pleasing Behavior

Move from People Pleaser to Business Leader with Strategies for Excellent Entrepreneurship


In the competitive world of entrepreneurship, mastering Business Leadership and shedding People Pleasing behaviors are key to assertive communication and effective decision-making. Modern Business Leadership: Conquer People Pleasing Behavior is crafted to guide entrepreneurs through the nuances of professional interactions and strategic assertiveness.

Transform Your Professional Interactions

This course targets the core pitfalls of People Pleasing within the realm of Business leadership, empowering you to articulate your needs confidently while upholding the highest standards of professionalism. By integrating key principles of Entrepreneurship, it teaches how to maintain beneficial business relationships without compromising personal and professional boundaries.

Cultivate a Robust Entrepreneurial Mindset

Explore foundational Entrepreneurship strategies that emphasize balance between relationship-building and personal boundaries. With a focus on enhancing your Business Leadership, this course equips you with robust decision-making skills essential for a thriving entrepreneurial venture. Participants will engage with practical case studies that demonstrate effective management of People Pleasing across diverse business scenarios, enabling you to apply these strategies confidently in your entrepreneurial journey.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Advanced Business Leadership: Understand and apply advanced leadership techniques in the form of boundaries and balance.

  • Overcoming People Pleasing: Learn to identify and address people-pleasing tendencies that can undermine your business objectives, and replace them with behaviors that promote stronger leadership qualities.

  • Strategic Communication Skills: Develop the ability to communicate your ideas and decisions clearly and persuasively, improving your influence within professional circles.

  • Decision-Making Excellence: Master decision-making processes that align with your entrepreneurial goals, ensuring that your business actions are deliberate and impactful.

  • Entrepreneurial Relationship Management: Discover strategies for leading business relationships effectively, allowing you to uphold your professional boundaries while nurturing beneficial partnerships.

Your Instructor:

Your instructor is Stephanie D. McKenzie, who brings decades of experience in entrepreneurship to this course, in addition to a keen understanding of People Pleasing behavior as evident in the People Life Coach Certification course, also available on Udemy.

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Number of lectures18
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Instructor NameStephanie D. McKenzie

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