Classroom Management and Lesson Planning

Connecting strategies and skills to create impactful lessons for greater student achievement.


Participants will learn classroom management strategies and skills that will benefit their students. They will learn how to create structure and routines, how to set expectations, and how to make smooth transitions from one activity to the next, plus so much more. These strategies will help to reduce the amount of down time for children thus, reducing student behavior issues in the classroom. Classroom Management will be discussed such as the following: Structure and Routines in the classroom the need and benefit of them. Knowing your students and their needs (how to incorporate those into your management system). A child’s window of tolerance (what they come to you with is different for each child, therefore they have different tolerance levels) Setting expectations to create predictability with children. Transitions from one activity to the next and how to help make the transition smooth. Managing student outbursts in the classrooms. Participants will be able to restructure their classroom management skills and improve student behavior.

Participants will also learn lesson planning basics and how to create lessons that incorporate your students, strengths, weaknesses and needs. Lesson planning While keeping all the classroom management pieces in mind making sure to incorporate important lesson plan pieces in place for student academic success. These are some key components to a typical lesson plan.They will also learn how to create lesson’s that will encompass a variety of student needs to make the greatest impact on student learning. Make connections between classroom management and lesson planning. You will leave this presentation with tools to help you immediately in the classroom.

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