Basic Watercolor for Illustration

Relax and learn by observation and application!


A relaxing introductory watercolor illustration course for the young and young at heart!

Are you interested in watercolor illustration? Do you enjoy drawing and want to go to the next step and learn how to paint your sketches?  Do you work best with an easy-going hands-on approach with the teacher showing their thought and decision-making process for their choices?

Well, this is the class for you! In this course, I will take you through the basics of watercolor and you will get to observe how I work with the water and paint. As needed, I will explain my thought process and decision-making as I paint.  For some of the watercolor paintings, we will also use pencils. We will practice painting simple subjects to ease you into watercolor and then lightly sketch out some advanced subjects to paint together.

The artist who takes this course might know some color theory and is ready to experiment with mixing watercolors. The artist who takes this course might be someone who wants to observe all the little details (like how an artist might mix paints).

This course is also ideal for someone who has an interest in watercolor illustration. You can jump into this course, new to watercolor, and with a bit of a background in drawing.  In the beginning, we will make paint some simple subjects that don’t require drawing, so we can reinforce the watercolor techniques. This course is short and relaxed for someone who wants to learn through observation and practice.

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Instructor NameMarina Baldwin

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