Investment Banking Masterclass on IPO Process and Modeling

Learn the financial aspect of the IPO Process from the Investment Banking Perspective and become a valuation expert


Investment Banking Masterclass:   Hands-on training on IPO Process and modeling

Learn what an IPO is, and why do private companies go public? Advantages and disadvantages of going public, steps to make an Initial public offering, Underwriting, and underwriting syndicates, Roadshow along with practical examples, Book Building process, Market and scaled orders, Analysis of aftermarket performance, price stabilization mechanism, Greenshoe options with the help of practical exercises and case studies of Exxonmobil and Facebook Inc., review of global IPO markets.

This comprehensive training also covers how an IPO works, Key IPO terms and jargon, valuation techniques, terms and process, divestment methods like a spin-off and split-off, the difference between a primary and secondary share sale, how to account for a primary and secondary share sale, or a mix of both, pre and post-money valuation and modeling, EPS formulae, and calculation.

Detailed syllabus :

  • Initial Public offer: Meaning off

  • Why do private companies go public

  • Reason for going public

  • Reason for not going public

  • Steps to make an Initial Public Offering

  • Underwriting Syndicate

  • Underwriting Syndicate Structure

  • Roadshow

  • Example of a successful roadshow

  • Book Building

  • Aftermarket performance

  • Price Stabilization mechanism

  • Origin of the greenshoe

  • Guideline for exercising the greenshoe option

  • Practical Example

  • Real Case Studies :

  • Exxon Mobile Corporation

  • Facebook Inc.

  • A brief analysis of the Global IPO Market

  • How does an IPO work?

  • Primary Vs Secondary offering

  • Key IPO terms

  • Valuation terms

  • Valuation Workout :

  • Pre-money

  • Post money

  • Spin-off

  • Split-off

  • Case 1 : IPO of Primary Shares

  • Case 2 : IPO of Secondary Shares

  • Case 3: IPO of Secondary Shares with a tax impact

  • EPS

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