Awaken Your True Calling Self Development Course

Discover Your True Purpose


  • Discover five questions to help you discover your true self

  • Gaining a sense of who you are in the powerful knowledge you will ever acquire

  • Your ability to fulfil your unique internal passion will determine your ability to realize your potential

  • How to discover your true calling in life

  • For many people there calling in life doesn’t necessarily shine like a guiding light ahead, however, there are ways you can actively pursue and uncover your true calling in life

  • Discover six ways to find your purpose in life – Discovering your purpose in life can be a challenge – Here are six ways you can discover your purpose and live a more meaningful life

  • How to find your true calling in life  – If you haven’t figured what you want to be, this course will guide you in the direction

  • Finding your purpose in life doesn’t have to be a lot of work with these five creative exercises you can reopen your mind to find your passions in life

  • Learn how to discover your true passion in life – If you’re unsure what your passion is how can you discover it? Maybe you are someone who works hard with persistence before you can find that success you need to know where you are starting from.

  • If you feel stuck this course can provide ways for you to find your true passion life.  – Finding your passion in life takes nothing more than starting out with idea that you can, focusing on what you love.

  • Learn how to set yourself up for success with these rules for goal setting – Goal setting is more than saying you want something to happen. – by following these five rules, you can set goals with confidence and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you have achieved what you have set out to do.

  • Discover the best ways to leverage positivity to reach your goals

  • Here are the best ways you can leverage positive thinking to accomplish everything you set out to achieve – When it comes to reaching your goals, there are five practical ways that you can use positive thinking to achieve your goals and design the life of your dreams.

  • Every aspect of your life that you can see clearly in your mind is something you can achieve

  • Learn top tips for overcoming negativity to reach your full potential in life.

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Instructor NameNatasha Rose Mills

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