VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate – Desktop Practice Exam

Attend this VCA410-DT VMware Certified Associate – Desktop Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on main Exam


Sample Questions:

What are the three configurations of the pool option may be accomplished by the addition of a pool master? (Choose three.)

to provide a specific user access to the pool

The default setting of the display protocol entitle

Thin App applications to the pool

Adobe Flash allows throttling

specifying dedicated user award

The user indicates that the target is not present when it is included in View Client. What measures will allow the user to see the pool?

It provides the user with a pool in View Administrator

increasing the number of virtual machines in the pool of available

activate the pool through the View Client place type of the client machine on the right VSHIELD zone


The administrator works successfully add Master pool to create a new automated pool. What’s next manager should take to make the pool visible to users?

add to the pool to the server VCENTER

Manually add desktops to the pool

activate the pool through the View Client user right pool


Which two statements are true about the View Desktop rights? (Choose two.)

Pool are automatically deleted when the last right taken away.

View client will show the desktop, which you are entitled.

Desktops in a pool can only be used if the pool is located.

Users with administrative roles are entitled to all the pools as standard

Poole computers called Contractor DTs created for contract staff. These workers are hired and fired in their contracts are agreed. Their ability to enter into the environment should be enabled or disabled in accordance with their current employment status. What is the most effective way to control access of the contractor to the pool?

give each individual user Contractor DTs, then give them a group Active Contractors

gives each user a special table in Contractor DTs, remove the desktop, when the contractor is released

entitles a group called Active Contractors to Contractor DTs, and then add or remove a contractor from the group needed

It provides a user with the name Contractor Account to Contractor DTs, and then change the password when the contractor is released


The Administrator said, to create a desktop for two other people, without a simultaneous shift. Users must have access to the same desktop because of the nature of their work. Single pool of desktop configured with a floating desk, so that users always see the same virtual machine. What happens if two users are trying to get access to the desktop and at the same time?

The second user to connect is denied access.

The second connects users, but read-only access.

The second user is connected, but the control of the proportion of users.

The second user is connected, the output of the first user.


User DTUsers group checks out the desktop using View Client with Local Mode. Desk is a member of the pool of local desktops eligible DTUsers. What happens if one of the members of the group are trying to use the desktop while it checked?

Another user has no access, because only the user who checked out the desktop can be used.

Another user can use the desktop and any changes to be merged with a local copy when the desktop is checked.

Another user can use the desktop, but some changes will be lost when the desktop is checked.

Another user can use the desktop, but only if the local copy is not included.


From the remote session in the perception of the VMware View Administrator, what are the three steps that help with managing users? (Choose three.)

Resetting a Virtual Machine

Output from Session System

Start Virtual Machine

send a message

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