The Thoughtful Slowdown

Real-Life Tools to Manage Your Wellness, Stress & Anxiety and Lift Burnout. Extra ~ Build Your Own Meditation Practice.


Did you know it takes 8 weeks to change your brain?

The Thoughtful Slowdown covers everything you need to know about stress & anxiety, why it happens, and how to remove it from your life forever! I know this information will change your life as much as it did mine.

I’d like for you to have ALL the support you will need to : Fix your stress today, AND pivot future stress. making your new happiness a permanent thing!

You can 100% make this happen, in only 8 weeks.

Most importantly The Thoughtful Slowdown takes YOU on a personal journey to discover what’s happening with YOU.
This is not a cookie cutter approach. We treat you like the unique person you are. You have your own life experiences and unique set of circumstances to manage.

You will learn what is in your control and what is not. Then you can focus your energy where it counts. It doesn’t matter if you have physical, mental and/or emotional stress we are going to give you tools for each.

With The Thoughtful Slowdown you are making a sustainable long term plan to be happier and healthier.

This is fastest way to develop your self-awareness from a 360 degree view; body, mind and soul. You may think you know yourself but let’s face it you have been looking at life through the same eyes for years.

You’re stressed right? And, it doesn’t feel good!

Give yourself a chance to see life though fresh eyes. Consider philosophy’s that have been around for centuries. Learn about your beautiful brain and your incredibly insightful body.

At the most basic level you will see what you need and why. This gives you permission to put your health first.

You will find support were you least expect it. Develop a sense of confidence you didn’t know you had. You will even break those pesky habits that keep holding you back. Your last gift is how different you will feel physically, less tense and more mobile to take on life.

Here is what we will cover…

1/ Wellness Topics to gain insight on yourself and the world around you.

2/ Discovery Worksheets for reflection & growth.

3/ Gentle Yoga classes to relieve tension & gain energy.

4/ Mindful Breathing to reduce stress & anxiety.

5/ Assorted Meditation Techniques to help relax the mind.

Learn at your own pace. No one is rushing you.

This is more than you’ll need to Lift Burnout, be Happier, and Less Stressed.

See you soon ~ Jenn, your friend, guide and support system.

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