The Easy Way to Speak English for Beginners

Speak English with Confidence and learn how to improve your English Speaking skills


Learn how to speak English more clearly and more confidently with this amazing English course. This course is for beginners who want to speak English or anyone who suffers a lot when speaking English and want to find an easy way to speak English with confidence,

You will improve your speaking skills, listening skills and pronunciation in English.

Includes videos, Pdf files and free resources to online speaking and pronunciation activities.

In this course you will see:

  • Video lessons

  • Pdf documents

  • Facebook private group to help you get feedback for any problems  you face when speaking English.

Discover how to speak English easily by learning 5 tips to help you improve your spoken English :

  • Tip #1 :  How to learn Speaking

    • Tip #2 :  How to automate your vocabulary

    • Tip #3 :  How to increase fluency

    • Tip #4:   How to gain confidence

    • Tip #5 :  How to choose the right tools to help you

You will improve your speaking skills, listening skills and pronunciation in English by learning The Six Steps to Speak English :

  1. Phonemes

  2. Word Stress

  3. Sentence Stress

  4. Strong & Weak Forms

  5. Connected Speech

  6. Intonation

An effective and proven technique to speak English .It consists of short topics.Each topic is divided into 3 steps:

  1. Listening& Reading

            In this step you will listen to me speaking while you are reading the text shown in front of you on the screen at the same time I’m speaking.

  2. Practising speaking

            In this step it’s your turn to listen to me speaking then imitate me after each sentence.

  3. Shadowing

             In this step you will simply speak at the same time I’m reading the text But Now with No text written on the screen.

By working through the sections in this course,you’ll finally speak English more clearly and more confidently.

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