Systemic Leadership

Strengthen and develop your own leadership skills with the systemic approach


For the current challenges in our professional life, new holistic thinking models are needed. But what exactly is the difference between the systemic approach and the other leadership models? Why is the systemic mindset perfectly suited for one’s own leadership behavior?

We do not deal exclusively with the transfer of background knowledge, but rather with the integration of the systemic approach into everyday leadership. We reflect on our own attitude and discuss how to pick up and understand sustainable objections, questions and problems. Because we often communicate past each other – but in the sense of systemic leadership we are responsible for ensuring that communication succeeds.

With this course you will strengthen your leadership skills and be perfectly prepared for future challenges:

What skills you will have acquired after this course:

  • Academic background knowledge

  • Expanded own understanding of leadership

  • Wide range of tools in your repertoire

  • Systemic approaches incorporated into everyday leadership

  • Better time management for strategic content

  • Best practices to analyze problems and solutions

What we cover in this course:

  1. Introduction: We start with an overview of the topic and go over the prerequisites and expectations for this course.

  2. Leadership – A practical and academic background: To begin with, we will explore the question of what makes a good leader? We also look at the understanding of leadership and how one is perceived as a leader. Among other things, we discuss together what the difference between leadership and management is. For a better grasp of one’s own understanding of leadership, we take a look back into the past and look at the different leadership concepts. We focus in particular on the situational leadership model with the maturity approach for employees. At the end, we take a critical look at the different generations.

  3. Systemic Leadership: At the beginning of the chapter we dedicate ourselves to the basics of systems theory. Furthermore, we discuss the systemic attitude and constructivism. Besides the question if systemic leadership is also a consulting service, we need a differentiation of teams, groups and organizations. In the further course, a critical self-reflection on the topics of necessary soft skills as well as internal and external perception is carried out. With the last videos from this chapter, we span the arc to personnel development. We go through a personality test that can be used as a tool in the personnel selection process. Last but not least, we look at the values of a (leadership) person and the importance of values in diversity management today.

  4. Human Resources Development: The need to become future leaders and managers: As leaders, we are coaches and human resource developers. These two disciplines nevertheless need a different orientation, so we do an interpretation and definition. We go into different management roles in everyday life and a possible hearing process. Furthermore we take a look at the necessity of talent management.

  5. Systemic Techniques and Tools: In challenging times, today’s leader needs the right techniques and tools. The systemic concepts are always designed for sustainability and long-term development, so there is the right approach for every occasion.

With my professional experience as a systemic coach and business information scientist, I live both topics. For each chapter I give you insights into my working methods as well as tips and tricks, review questions and reflection tasks.

Strengthen your leadership skills with the systemic approach.

I look forward to seeing you in class.

Markus Edenhauser, MA MSc

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