SPLK 1002 Splunk Core Certified Power User Practice Exam

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Welcome to Splunk Core Certified Power User – Practice Tests

Splunk Certifications are an IT industry standard designed to validate knowledge of and demonstrate proficiency with Splunk’s universal machine data platform. Certifications range from entry-level to expert and were created to help candidates succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace. Splunk’s Certification Program is still growing! When a new certification exam is being developed, eligible candidates have the exciting opportunity to participate in its beta phase. Beta exams are typically longer, don’t offer immediate test results, and are free to all candidates. The registration process is the same for all exams, regardless of beta or final form status. Becoming Splunk certified opens new doors in career growth and professional development.

The points covered in the Exams are distributed among the practice tests with answers and detailed explanations and resource links – (If available) for every question

These practice tests allow you to attempt many times within the same topics and similar questions to adjust your focus-areas and cut down on study time and prove your readiness to take the official exam.

You can use these practice tests in whatever way suits your preparation workflow.

These exams are time-limited exactly like the official exam to make you able to pass the exam

Note: “Some of the questions in these practice tests are very similar to the questions you may find in the official exam. You might also find some identical questions in the official exam.”

Exam Topics are mentioned below

  • Introduction to Splunk

  • What is Splunk

  • Introduction to Splunk’s User Interface

  • Basic Searching

  • Using fields in Searches

  • Search language Fundamentals

  • Using Basic Transforming Commands

  • Creating Reports and Dashboards

  • Datasets and the common Information Model

  • Creating and using Loopup

  • Creating Scheduled Reports and Alerts

  • Using Pivot

  • Beyond Search Fundamentals

  • Using Transforming Commands for Visualizations

  • Using Mapping and Single Value Commands

  • Filtering and Formatting Results

  • Correlating Events

  • Introduction to Knowledge Objects

  • Creating and Managing Fields

  • Creating Field Aliases and Calculated Fields

  • Creating Tips and Event Types

  • Creating and Using Macros

  • Creating and Using Macros

  • Creating and using WorkFlow Actions

  • Creating Data Models

  • Using the Common Information Model Add-on

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