Spanish Tapas. 17 must recipes.

17 recipes form all the 17 regions of Spain. Lets embrace Medditerean culinary scene by learning to prepare Tapas.


If you want to get information about Spain and to learn how to prepare some of the most iconic tapas then this is the ideal course for you. Because when you hear the word Spain what comes into your mind? Fantastic scenery, beaches, Sun some of the most iconic cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville and…..Food obviously. Obviously, Spain is much much more than those elements I mentioned previously and that’s why we will have not only 17 recipe videos but also 17 introductory videos to each one of the 17 Spanish regions that all together create Spain as we know it.   My approach is first to talk first about the region where the recipe is coming from. So first you are going to get some general information and then there is going to be a demonstration of the recipe. For example, that means that we choose fried tapas in the region of Andalucia, I want you to know that Andalucia is a massive olive producer so fried style tapas to make sense.  All recipes are simple and there are prepared with the most basic ingredients and the most basic kitchen tools. I do not want to show off my cooking skills but what I want is to share some local delicacies with people who want to expand their culinary horizons.

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