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Are you new to Lean Six Sigma and have failed to understand the basics of Six Sigma?

  • Are you planning to go for Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt, but want to start with basic concepts in simple and plain terms? 

  • Are you a manager and want to implement the concepts of Six Sigma in your work area? 

Reading Wikipedia pages and watching YouTube did not help you to understand what Six Sigma is and how you can use it in your work area.

Your organization does not want to spend money on this. 

Why this course?

  • By completing this course, you will have a good foundational understanding of Six Sigma concepts.

  • You will learn the Lean Six Sigma improvement skills through short and easy-to-understand video lessons and quizzes.

  • Start your Lean Six Sigma learning with an experienced instructor having 35 years of practical experience in implementing Quality Management and Continuous Performance Improvement.

  • 20,000+ satisfied students. This course has the highest number of student enrollments amongst others in this category.

  • This course is fully aligned with the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Body of Knowledge provided by most internationally recognized certification bodies.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB, LSSBB) Exam Preparation Online Course + Certification – Plain and Simple Language

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a process improvement approach. Six Sigma was invented by Motorola way back in 1985. This approach has stood the test of time and is still widely used by organizations even after 35 years of its invention.

This process improvement methodology can be used in any industry. The focus of Six Sigma is to improve processes to save money for organizations. For this reason, more and more companies use this approach. Some companies formally implement it, while some others use this for process improvement in an informal way.

Learning and mastering this approach gives a definite employment advantage.

Six Sigma has saved organizations billions of dollars in cost, improved quality, reduced waste, improved consistency and improved customer satisfaction.

What is covered in this course?

Lean Six Sigma is a complex topic. To master this topic, you will need to go through 4 main steps. You demonstrate the understanding and mastery of Lean Six Sigma in terms of the colour of the belt.

The entry-level colour of the belt is White. By achieving White Belt, you demonstrate that you have a high-level understanding of Six Sigma.

The next level of the belt in Lean Six Sigma is the Yellow Belt. In the Yellow Belt course, you will learn Lean Six Sigma from an implementation perspective.

Here is a summary of the topics covered in this course.

  • Six Sigma fundamentals: including the DMAIC approach, seven basic tools, teamwork and the cost of quality.

  • Define Phase: Project selection, SIPOC, Project Management and advanced quality tools

  • Measure Phase: Descriptive statistics, and Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

  • Analyze Phase: Lean, Root Cause Analysis, Probability Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, and the causes of variation.

  • Improve and Control Phase: Kaizen, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Control Plan

This course will be your first step to the wonderful world of Lean Six Sigma. After completing this course, you would be confidently able to support Lean Six Sigma initiatives as a team member. 

What are other students saying about this course?

  • This course is designed so appropriately that the entire content seems easy. Along with that, the trainer is also really good at explaining things minutely. (5 stars by Kajal)

  • Everything is made easy to follow and quite enjoyable to learn from! (5 stars by Jogie S. Tan)

  • It is an amazing course. Very easy to understand and applicable in my life and job. (5 stars by Gabriel Cosme Souza Silva)

  • The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject and kept me engaged while learning and processing the information. (5 stars by Debbie Craig)

  • The professor is experienced and delivers the concepts in a very clear and digestible way. I’m glad I have chosen this course. (5 stars by EV

    Enrique Vargas)

  • Muy buen curso, quiero llevarlo a la practica con un pequeño proyecto en la medida voy aprendiendo. Tengo bastantes nociones del tema pero necesito como organizar las ideas y de como se conecta cada concepto. Aqui me va quedando super claro. (5 stars by Salvador Castaneda)

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