Professional Scrum Product Owner I ( PSPO 1 ) Mock Exams

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The Professional Scrum Product Owner I ( PSPO I or PSPO 1 ) certification is your first step into the world of agile product ownership, specifically within the Scrum framework
It validates your fundamental understanding of Scrum principles and your ability to apply them to maximize product value

Here’s what PSPO I offers:

  • Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of Scrum roles, artifacts, events, and principles

  • Skills: Learn how to manage product backlog, prioritize work, and optimize Scrum ceremonies

  • Mindset: Embrace an agile approach focused on continuous value delivery and customer satisfaction

  • Validation: Earn a recognized industry credential that demonstrates your Scrum competency

Who should consider PSPO I?

  • Product owners, product managers, and business analysts

  • Project managers and team leads involved in agile projects

  • Anyone interested in learning Scrum and its application in product development

Preparation and assessment:

  • Scrum Guide: Thoroughly understand the core principles of Scrum

  • PSPO I training: Consider attending official Scrum Org training courses for deeper learning

  • Practice assessments: Take mock exams to familiarize yourself with the format and type of questions
    Practise again and again until you got 90% above for all these tests
    Please contact me if any unclear question or answer. I’m more than happy to explain to you

  • Official PSPO I assessment: A 60-minute online exam with multiple-choice questions- Passing score: 85%

    Remember, PSPO I is just the first step in your agile journey!

    It provides a solid foundation for further learning and exploration in the exciting world of agile product ownership

    Do you have any further questions? If not, enjoy the set of questions and ready to win the PSPO1 Badge

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