Process Management: Value & Non-Value Add

Learn how to maximize value in your processes, reduce waste in your operations and deliver improved performance for all.


Organizations today are crying out for individuals with the skills and proactive nature to identify value in their business, and pursue paths to maximize it. Equally, they need their employees to be better at identifying waste and knowing exactly how to remove this waste as safety as possible.

In this course, you are going to learn how to identify value within your processes, maximize it and deliver more as your operations evolve. You will be able to ensure customers, colleagues and the wider business alike get more value for money and time from the processes you reform, with the benefits rippling out across the business.

Equally, you will learn about those activities which do not add value, and be taught how to tackle this waste. You will understand how to identify such waste, the techniques to reduce and remove it altogether. You will have the confidence to start tackling the waste plaguing your processes as soon as the course concludes.

The course will deliver the following:

– Practical walk throughs of scenarios, showing you how to practically identify value, the techniques to maximize it and the process to continue to evolve it.

– Practical walk throughs of scenarios, showing you how to practically identify waste, the techniques to minimize and remove it and the process to follow to keep it out of your processes altogether.

– Knowledge of the key tools to use to help you on this journey, including Value Stream Mapping, Time Value Maps and Value Add Maps (plus more).

– The course will also walk you through a process improvement scenario, run through countless examples and ask you to get involved where possible.

You will leave this course with the confidence to start identifying and maximizing value, reducing waste and improving processes and performances from day 1.

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