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Project Management Professional A comprehensive PMP- Practices Preparation Exams


In this course, you will get practice working with six (6)  project management professional  (PMP) exams are part of this course and were developed using the sources listed below;

PMBOK 6th, Agile Practice Guide , and Examination Content Outline(ECO)

The practice exam covers the correct answer, a justification of the answer, the question’s reference domain, and specifically the Task that was utilized in the question.

The main three(3) domains of Examination Content Outline(ECO) are addressed in the course examinations’ questions.

Domain I-People

Domain II-Process

Domain III-Business Environment

Predictive, Agile, and Hybrid project management approaches were among the various instances of each type of question that may be found frequently on the PMP-Exam in the practice test.

The exam will consist of around 50% Predictive project management approaches and 50% agile and hybrid approaches.

The three (3) domain areas mentioned above will all use predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches; they are not isolated to a particular domain or task.

What Makes This Course Different?

-The ideal way for a PMP candidate to advance his knowledge and identify his areas of strength and weakness for each domain is through this course of “PMP” Real practice exams, as you will be notified of your results and the % you achieved in each task for each domain, so you can improve your knowledge  in every task  that you have failed

-Also, you can filter your result to check questions by knowledge area(Domain &Task) and determine your weakness and strengths for the tasks in every domain.

What you’ll learn • Pass the PMP test on your first attempt.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for the course?

• Previous Reading for PMBOK 6th ,PMBOK 7th, Agile Practice Guide. And Examination Content Outline(ECO).

• A comprehensive PMP study plan that incorporates applying a thorough PMP course explanation, understanding all of the PMP knowledge areas, and Processes

• In-depth familiarity with project management tools and techniques

• Complete knowledge of the scenario in question, as well as the project manager’s responsibilities as a proactive individual in predictive project management approaches and a servant leader in agile project management approaches.

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