Plumbing 104: Water Supply Plumbing System Design Mastery

Learn Practical Plumbing Design of Water Supply Systems | A to Z Plumbing Engineering Design Training (Resources Inc.)


Plumbing is considered as a valuable domain which normally falls under mechanical engineering. In this Course we will learn about the Proper Design Practices and Steps for Designing & Sizing a Water Supply system as part of Plumbing Engineering Design where we will cover the basics and essentials that every professional who is interested in the field should know. In addition we will learn the Practical Design aspects as part of the necessary training that every successful Plumbing Professional should be Equipped with.

This course is taught by Experts and  is suited for students who want to learn how to design and size water supply Systems as part of Plumbing Systems Engineering Design without any prior knowledge of the field or for professionals looking forward to fine tune their knowledge about Plumbing Systems and Learn leading Design Practices in the industry.

In addition, the course includes MUST know concepts, Design Steps and Practices that every Plumbing Professional Should be familiar with; Specially if they are developing their knowledge within the Mechanical , Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Discipline as Part of their career development as Project Managers,Mechanical Engineers,Site Engineers,Inspectors,Technicians,Supervisors and Architects.

Note: The Course Includes a section designated for Free Resources that you can download for reference that can help you in real life projects!

The Course will teach you the following:

  • Step by Step Design for Water Supply Systems

  • Best Design practices as per the industry for Water Supply Systems

  • How to Design and Size the Piping Network of a Water Supply System

  • How to Design and Size the Water Tanks , Heaters & Pumps for a powerful and effective Water Supply System

  • Calculate the Load to be Supplied through the Piping Network

  • How to Analyze and Interpret Various Water Supply Designs to Develop Your Skill Set

  • Different Components of a Water Supply System with a detailed Explanation

  • The Engineering Schematics and assemblies from actual projects related to various Water Supply Connections and Assemblies.

  • How to Read Water Supply Systems Drawings based on real life projects and examples

By the end of the Course you should be able to:

  • Design and Size a Water Supply System from A to Z

  • Calculate the demand to be supplied through the Water Supply Piping Network

  • Calculate and Design the Pump requirements for the water supply system

  • Design and Size the required tanks and heaters for the water supply system

  • Understand the various terminology used for Water Supply systems

  • Read Water Supply Engineering Drawings

  • Differentiate between plumbing Systems

  • Identify the Water Supply Systems Main Components

  • Create Sketches to represent the Connectivity of Water Supply Connections and Network

The course is developed by a Project Manager , Mechanical Engineer and a Certified/Licensed Educator hence providing you with premium knowledge and exceptional Delivery. The Course also includes useful Downloadable resources that can supplement your learning Process.

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