Online Japanese N4 Kanji Character Course(All 14 lessons)

日本語能力試験N4漢字対応教材 (JLPT N4 Level Kanji Character Study Course)


“Online Japanese N4 Kanji Character Course” is a video learning material of studying Japanese kanji, designed for Japanese language learners. The level of this course is the elementary kanji that meets the requirements of the JLPT N4. The course consists of a large volume of video learning materials with a total playtime of about 14 hours. The actual learning time is approximately 140 hours (time may vary depending on the individual). The goal of this course is to help you learn the correct pronunciation and writing of JLPT N4 level kanji. All of the narration has English subtitles so that all Japanese learning beginners can follow this course effectively. There are four types of exercises in the video. They are not only for practice and also for acquisition of knowledge. In addition, PDF textbooks along with a practice sheet are included and can be printed as many times as you prefer.

N4 Kanji list

“会”, “川”, “員”, “曜”, “作”, “業”, “始”, “終”, “建”, “物”, “工”, “場”, “勉”, “強”, “教”, “育”, “漢”, “字”, “試”, “験”, “質”, “問”, “答”, “習”, “家”, “族”, “住”, “所”, “親”, “私”, “兄”, “弟”, “姉”, “妹”, “仕”, “事”, “朝”, “飯”, “昼”, “夕”, “茶”, “飲”, “料”, “理”, “堂”, “味”, “肉”, “魚”, “買”, “売”, “洋”, “服”, “屋”, “店”, “品”, “安”, “注”, “文”, “着”, “多”, “病”, “院”, “熱”, “通”, “体”, “悪”, “頭”, “痛”, “医”, “者”, “室”, “元”, “旅”, “海”, “計”, “画”, “目”, “的”, “古”, “町”, “地”, “図”, “持”, “道”, “近”, “走”, “犬”, “歩”, “音”, “楽”, “知”, “歌”, “映”, “館”, “夜”, “帰”, 銀”, “開”, “自”, “動”, “駅”, “集”, “貸”, “借”, “有”, “度”, “少”, “待”, “手”, “紙”, “切”, “使”, “写”, “真”, “送”, “京”, “花”, “色”, “赤”, “青”, “研”, “究”, “主”, “言”, “世”, “界”, “新”, “題”, “特”, “別”, “不”, “用”, “発”, “表”, “意”, “思”, “公”, “立”, “英”, “正”, “力”, “代”, “心”, “同”, “春”, “夏”, “早”, “起”, “秋”, “風”, “空”, “明”, “冬”, “野”, “運”, “転”, “米”, “田”, “広”, “台”, “牛”, “鳥”, “黒”, “重”, “去”, “足”, “数”

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