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This learning tests is designed to help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure IoT developer exam of AZ-220. Candidates who pass on the AZ-220 exam will gain the specialized developer certification of Microsoft Azure IoT.

This Tests MS-220 Practice covers all the following topics:

Domain 1 – Understanding Troubleshoot mail flow issues (20–25%)

1.1 Learn Troubleshooting Exchange Online mail flow issues

  • Examine and interpret message headers

  • Examine and interpret message trace results and policies associated with those results

  • Examine whether a mail flow rule or conditional mail routing is affecting mail flow

  • Examine and Identify rules that are evaluated and policies that are applied when sending or receiving email

  • Examine troubleshooting issues where users cannot send or receive email and no NDR is generated or displayed

  • Examine troubleshooting issues where email destined for one tenant is incorrectly routed to another tenant

  • Examine troubleshooting delivery delays

1.2 Learn troubleshooting mail flow issues with external systems

  • Examine and analyze SMTP protocol logs for hybrid deployments and third-party systems

  • Examine troubleshooting issues related to mail flow for hybrid deployments

  • Examine troubleshooting DNS-related mail flow issues

  • Examine troubleshooting SMTP relay issues

  • Examine troubleshooting SMTP certificate issues

1.3 Learn troubleshooting other mail flow issues

  • Examine and identify types of NDRs and interpret NDR data

  • Examine which active rules impact email attachments

  • Examine which rules are triggered when an email arrives at a user’s inbox

  • Examine troubleshooting issues related to blocked attachment types

  • Examine troubleshooting issues with corrupted inbox rules

1.4 Learn troubleshooting issues reported by Microsoft Defender for Office 365

  • Examine why an email is marked as spam

  • Examine why messages are being quarantined

  • Examine whether the sender SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records are valid

  • Examine troubleshooting anti-spam policies

  • Examine troubleshooting messages that are categorized as false positive or false negative

Domain 2 – Understanding Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues (25–30%)

2.1 Learn troubleshooting compliance issues

  • Examine and identify roles required to perform eDiscovery actions

  • Examine and describe Microsoft Purview compliance portal retention policies

  • Examine troubleshooting eDiscovery issues

  • Examine and identify what types of holds are associated with an item

  • Examine troubleshooting in place and eDiscovery holds

  • Examine Search for and delete email messages in an organization

  • Examine how to clear or purge recoverable item folders

2.2 Learn troubleshooting retention issues

  • Determine retention tag types and actions

  • Determine the process for calculating item retention age

  • Examine troubleshooting issues creating and applying retention policies

  • Examine and interpret Messaging Records Management (MRM) mailbox diagnostics logs

  • Examine and interpret message properties used by message records management (MRM)

2.3 Learn troubleshooting Microsoft Purview Message Encryption and S/MIME issues

  • Examine troubleshooting issues with messages that are not encrypted or decrypted as expected

  • • Troubleshoot issues where external users cannot decrypt messages but internal users can decrypt messages

  • Examine troubleshooting issues reading, replying to, or forwarding protected messages from Microsoft 365 on mobile devices

  • Examine troubleshooting mail flow rules

  • Examine troubleshooting revocation issues for encrypted emails

  • Examine troubleshooting S/MIME issues

2.4 Learn troubleshooting mailbox auditing issues

  • Examine troubleshooting issues searching audit logs

  • Examine troubleshooting user actions (for example user reports an item is deleted but they say they did not delete)

  • Examine troubleshooting bulk actions including email creation, moves, modifications, and deletion

  • Examine troubleshooting non-owner actions

  • Examine troubleshooting audit log retention period issues

  • Examine troubleshooting auditing not working

2.5 Learn troubleshooting journaling

  • Examine troubleshooting duplicate journal entries

  • Examine troubleshooting email not being journaled

  • Examine troubleshooting journal OME decryption issues

Domain 3 – Understanding Troubleshoot mail client issues (20–25%)

3.1 Learn troubleshooting connectivity and authentication issues

  • Determine how to obtain Outlook client configuration information

  • Examine troubleshooting Exchange authentication policies

  • Examine troubleshooting client access rules

  • Examine troubleshooting issues with modern authentication

  • Examine troubleshooting Outlook on the web (OWA) sign in issues

  • Examine troubleshooting Autodiscover issues

  • Examine Outlook client cannot connect to Exchange Online mailbox

  • Examine troubleshooting Outlook continuously prompting for Exchange Online password

3.2 Learn troubleshooting calendaring issues

  • Examine and analyze mailbox and calendar diagnostic logs

  • Examine troubleshooting broken manager/delegation issues

  • Examine troubleshooting Resource Booking Assistant issues

3.3 Learn troubleshooting calendar sharing issues

  • Examine troubleshooting permissions issues related to calendar sharing

  • Examine troubleshooting issues publishing and accessing calendars shared with external users

  • Describe why content for a published calendar is not up to date

3.4 Learn troubleshooting issues with mobile devices

  • Examine and identify mobile device access states and what the states indicate

  • Examine and review mobile devices statistics to confirm the reason for a block

  • Examine and review the Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ) list to identify blocked or quarantined devices

  • Examine troubleshooting Exchange device access rules

  • Examine and review and interpret ActiveSync logs to troubleshoot Outlook Sync EAS connection issues

  • Examine troubleshooting connectivity issues with native ActiveSync

Domain 4 – Understanding Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues (15–20%)

4.1 Learn troubleshooting provisioning issues

  • Examine and troubleshoot validation errors encountered during object provisioning

  • Examine when to restore or recover an inactive mailbox

  • Examine troubleshooting issues managing resource mailboxes

  • Examine troubleshooting issues purging deleted users

4.2 Learn troubleshooting recipient issues

  • Examine troubleshooting automatic email forwarding

  • Examine troubleshooting matching issues with Azure AD, part of Microsoft Entra

  • Examine troubleshooting distribution list membership issues (including dynamic distribution groups)

  • Examine troubleshooting issues with archive mailboxes including auto-expanding archive mailboxes

4.3 Learn troubleshooting org-wide settings

  • Examine troubleshooting domain setup and configuration issues

  • Examine troubleshooting address book policies

  • Examine troubleshooting address lists

  • Examine troubleshooting allowed file types

  • Examine troubleshooting mailbox plans

  • Examine troubleshooting Client-Access Services (CAS) mailbox plans

4.4 Learn troubleshooting public folder issues

  • Examine troubleshooting Exchange Online access to public folders

  • Examine troubleshooting mail-enabled public folders

  • Examine troubleshooting issues sending email to public folders

  • Examine troubleshooting hybrid access to public folders

  • Examine troubleshooting load-balancing issues for public folders

Domain 5 – Understanding troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues (10–15%)

5.1 Understand troubleshooting hybrid configuration issues

  • Examine troubleshooting Hybrid Configuration Wizard issues

  • Examine troubleshooting hybrid mail flow issues

  • Examine troubleshooting free/busy issues for hybrid deployments

  • Examine troubleshooting issues synchronizing remote recipient attributes with Exchange Online

5.2 Troubleshoot migration issues

  • Examine troubleshooting endpoint creation issues

  • Examine and review migration users and move requests

  • Examine troubleshooting slow migrations

  • Examine troubleshooting Data Consistency Score (DCS) issues

  • Examine troubleshooting failed migrations

  • Examine troubleshooting public folder migration issues


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