Learn Java Unit Testing with Junit & Mockito in 30 Steps

Learn Mockito and JUnit – the most popular Java unit testing and mocking frameworks – with 25 Examples


Writing Great Unit Tests distinguishes Good Programmers from Great Programmers.

In this course, you will learn how to Write Great Java Unit Tests with Mockito and JUnit.


5 STARS – When I’ve started this course I had very basic knowledge of JUnit and Mockito and now everything is clearer. It is a very good course for beginners. Everything was very well explained. 

5 STARS – As always, Ranga offers an excellent way of teaching: coding from scratch, good explanation, useful examples for the real world job. He is not only an experienced programmer, but also a great teacher. I learned more than I expected. Thanks

5 STARS – It was my long time wish to learn Mockito and this instructor nailed it. Best 5hrs I spent ever. He is really good in what he is doing. 

5 STARS – This course is a great tutorial to unit testing and standard practices of mocking. I would recommend it to even experienced developers who would be surprised to find some new ideas in here. Explanations are precise and detailed. Well done.

5 STARS – Very interesting course with good examples. Every topic was easy to understand because of author’s awesome explanation. I rate this course as 5/5.

5 STARS – Very good course. The approach is very systematic and step by step. I really like the combination of theory and practical goes hand by hand. The journey from JUnit to Mockito to Powermock is very well described.


You take 12 steps with JUnit and 18 steps with Mockito into unit testing proficiency.

Mocking with Mockito

  • Step 01 : Set up an Eclipse Project with JUnit and Mockito frameworks. First Green Bar.

  • Step 02 : Example to start understanding why we need mocks.

  • Step 03 : What is a stub? Create an unit test using Stub? Disadvantages of Stubs.

  • Step 04 : Your first Mockito code! Hurrah!!! Lets use Mockito to mock TodoService.

  • Step 05 : Stubbing variations with Mockito. A few mockito examples mocking List class : Multiple return values, Argument Matchers and throwing exceptions.

  • Step 06 : Introduction to BDD. Given When Then. BDD Mockito Syntax.

  • Step 07 : How to verify calls on a mock? Verify how many times a method is called. We will add deleteTodo method to the TodoService.

  • Step 08 : How to capture an argument which is passed to a mock?

  • Step 09 : Hamcrest Matchers.

  • Step 10 : Let’s simplify things with Mockito Annotations. @Mock, @InjectMocks, @RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner.class), @Captor

  • Step 11 : JUnit Rules. Using MockitoJUnit.rule() instead of @RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner.class).

  • Step 12 : Real world Example with Spring

  • Step 13 : What is a spy? How to spy with Mockito?

  • Step 14 : Some Theory : Why does Mockito not allow stubbing final and private methods?

  • Step 15 : Using PowerMock and Mockito to mock a Static Method.

  • Step 16 : Using PowerMock and Mockito to invoke a private Method.

  • Step 17 : Using PowerMock and Mockito to mock a constructor.

  • Step 18 : Good Unit Tests.

JUnit Framework

  • Step 01 : Need for Unit Testing

  • Step 02 : Setting up your First JUnit

  • Step 03 : First Successful JUnit. Green Bar and assertEquals

  • Step 04 : Refactoring Your First JUnit Test

  • Step 05 : Second JUnit Example assertTrue and assertFalse

  • Step 06 : @Before @After

  • Step 07 : @BeforeClass @AfterClass

  • Step 08 : Comparing Arrays in JUnit Tests

  • Step 09 : Testing Exceptions in JUnit Tests

  • Step 10 : Testing Performance in JUnit Tests

  • Step 11 : Parameterized Tests

  • Step 12 : Organize JUnits into Suites

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