Microsoft Power BI – beginners to advance Level Exam PL-300

Master the Microsoft Power BI from beginners to advance level – Work on real world project – Align with PL-300 Exam


Welcome to this comprehensive course on Microsoft Power BI for business intelligence and data analytics. Designed by industry expert trainer and professional in the field of Data analysis using Power BI, in such a way that it takes the learners from beginner’s level to advance level step by step. This course implements real-world project, guiding you through the creation of interactive reports and dashboards from scratch. Aligned with the PL-300 certification exam, our curriculum covers all the features of MS Power BI while providing insider tips on effective visualisation techniques, such as deploying custom filter panes.

Our Claim is that once you learned using this course, you will not be needing to buy any other course for MS Power BI, it is so comprehensively designed.

Throughout the program, you’ll dive into practical scenarios, transforming raw data into dynamic reports that uncover sales trends, campaign performance, product analytics, and regional revenue insights. Starting with an introduction to Power BI Desktop, you’ll gain mastery over its interface, learning data cleaning and transformation techniques to prepare your datasets effectively.

Delving deeper, you’ll explore data modeling, understanding relationships, cardinality, and filter contexts to build flexible data models. Leveraging Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), you’ll create dynamic measures and calculated columns, extracting valuable insights from your data. Our course emphasises the importance of effective visualisation, guiding you through the deployment of various Power BI visuals, including AI-powered options, and optimising report performance for responsiveness and speed.

A highlight of this course is the transition from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Service, where you’ll learn to collaborate and share reports securely in the cloud. From data security concepts to configuring auto-refresh schedules, you’ll ensure your reports are always up-to-date and accessible to relevant stakeholders. By course completion, you’ll possess the skills to develop advanced, interactive reports and dashboards independently, preparing you for success in both professional endeavours and the PL-300 certification exam.

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Number of lectures155
Number of quizzes4
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Instructor NameAdnan Ali

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