MERN Stack Authentication with OAuth,JWT, Email Verification

Mastering Authentication: A Guide to OAuth, JWT, Email Verification, OTP System, Google, Facebook Login with MERN Stack


Welcome to this in-depth MERN Stack Authentication course, where you will go deeply into the details of security and user authentication with OAuth, JWT, and email verification. This course is intended for developers, regardless of expertise level, who wish to include strong authentication mechanisms into their MERN Stack applications.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Google and Facebook Authentication Systems: Learn how to combine OAuth authentication with Google and Facebook to enable users to safely log in with their social network credentials.

  • Email Verification: Discover how to add email verification to your application so that legitimate users are the only ones who can access it.

  • OTP System: Learn about One-Time Password (OTP) systems and how to use them to verify and authenticate users securely.

  • Update User Information: Find out how you protect user privacy and data integrity while enabling users to safely update their profile information.

  • Secure API Endpoint Writing: Learn the craft of creating safe Node.js and Express.js API endpoints by applying best practices for permission and authentication.

You will have the abilities and know-how to create reliable authentication systems in your MERN Stack applications at the end of the course, guaranteeing the security and accuracy of user data. You’ll also learn about sophisticated authentication methods and approaches, which will enable you to keep up with developments in the field.

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