Make Money from Home with Cryptos and NFTs

Create a Crypto Wallet in order to Buy, Sell & Trade Cryptos & NFTs, as well as Earn More Cryptos from Staking & Farming


This course is divided in two parts:

  1. An Introductory Section on NFTs
    In this section you will learn what NFTs are, How to create NFTs, How to buy and sell NFTs, and the Risks of dealing with NFTs. Definitely not the safest way to make money from home and quite risky, but it contains hidden gems that can provide you with astronomical returns. You will also learn how buy NFTs on OpenSea with your MetaMask wallet.

  2. A Full Practical Section on How to Create a Crypto Wallet and use it to Buy, Sell and Earn Cryptos & NFTs
    You will learn step by step how to create and manage a crypto wallet (both on Binance and MetaMask) in order to Buy, Sell and Trade Cryptos and NFTs, as well as Earn More Cryptos from Staking, Simple Earn and Farming. You will also learn how to send some of your cryptos to a friend (or anyone) with the “Withdraw” feature, as well as receive some cryptos from a friend (or anyone) with the “Deposit” feature. We will do all of this step by step so that you can be able to do exactly the same with absolutely no issue.

Part 2 is super hands-on so if you simply follow the steps you can be sure to have two crypto wallets with some cryptos ready to earn.

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