Leadership Success Through Personal Growth

Brain based leadership


Hi and welcome to Leadership success through personal growth! Here you will learn how to become a successful leader who knows how to motivate and engage people towards a clear ambition. To get this learning result it is good to know that you must be willing to do the assignments in the course which will take some time, effort and own initiative!

My name is Marc, an international executive coach, trainer and psychologist with over 30 years of experience in leadership and team development. I work around the globe for large companies like Danone, IKEA, Monsanto, Philips and many more. I have trained and coached thousands of people.

I developed this course, based on my book Mind Growing Leadership, for people who want to develop true and inspiring leadership. The key difference with other leadership courses is the fact that we connect your inside -beliefs values and emotions – with your outside, that is what you say and do with the other side: what is your effect on other people! So this is not a tips and tricks-like course, but in-depth lasting growth.

This means that quit some work is involved, like reading and making assignments in order to get the most out of this course.

So by the end of this course, you will have an engaging ambition coming from your heart and you will be able to engage, guide and make grow people to realise it.

We will talk about the big challenges leaders face in our changing world, how the brain and your personality will help or block you in tackling these. I help you as a leader to put the focus on the right things and I show you how your behaviour will make all the difference in being successful or not. I use video-introductions, articles, super short triggering vids, cases and assignments to make your learning rich and super practical.

So if you need strong engaging leadership skills in life and/or work then you are the ideal student for this course, even if not yet in a management or leadership position.

There are no conditions, only come open-minded and a willingness to work on yourself!

Feel free to have a further look at the course description and I am looking forward to seeing you inside!

Take care


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