Learn Faster Now! Online Speed Reading Mastery Program

Unlock Your Full Learning Potential with Speed Reading, Concentration, and Memory Mastery Program


Prepare to transform your learning journey through the art of speed reading!

Are you weary of enduring lengthy and monotonous study sessions? Ready to revolutionize your learning experience?  Seize the opportunity to supercharge your skills with our “Learn Faster Now!” program – an immersive online course designed to empower adults keen on personal development. Tailored for busy individuals lacking time for knowledge expansion, this course caters to a diverse audience, including students, corporate professionals, high school students, and avid readers.

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of “speed reading,” where our dynamic online course unfolds over a comprehensive 6 hours. Dive into the intricacies of memory techniques, concentration skills, and effective learning strategies. This practical course structure delivers concise theoretical modules, instructional guides, and recorded exercises, ensuring an engaging and fruitful learning experience.

Designed for practicality, participants are strongly encouraged to actively engage in self-practice using books and printed materials between sessions. The course adapts seamlessly to tight schedules, making it accessible for those leading busy lives. With a recommended duration of 2-3 weeks, participants can anticipate optimal results, unlocking their full potential in the realm of “speed reading” and beyond.

Bid farewell to tedious study sessions and embrace the “Learn Faster Now!” program – a practical gateway to personal development, tailored for the diverse and eager learners of today!

Course Overview:

Speed Reading Mastery

· Learn to read over 3 times faster than your current pace.

· Explore techniques employed by adept learners and top students.

· Transform learning from a chore into an enjoyable skill through effective reading strategies.

· Instructor: Rafal Wieszczycki – Speed Reading and Effective Learning Trainer, with a wealth of experience dating back to high school.

Memory Techniques

· Develop a superior memory to facilitate easier and more efficient learning.

· Acquire mnemonic techniques for enhanced memorization.

· Techniques for concentration mastery during study sessions.

· Practical application of memory skills to various learning scenarios.

Concentration and Learning Strategies

· Uncover common learning mistakes and methods to eliminate them.

· Gain two key skills crucial for success in the learning process.

· Alleviate stress during academic endeavors for improved performance.

· Strategies for effective goal setting and personal development.

Program Highlights:

· Engaging exercises for perceptiveness and expanding your field of vision.

· Speed reading across different types of texts.

· Correction of habits hindering reading speed.

· Memory exercises, including the “Roman Room” technique.

· Strategies for learning foreign language vocabulary effectively.

· Planning life goals, development, and public speaking.

· Capstone evaluation of memory and reading speed.

Is Speed Reading a Universal Approach? Traditional education often teaches only two reading methods: reading aloud and silent reading. However, effective training should encompass various strategies tailored to different types of texts. Our program introduces participants to Integral Reading, Speed Reading, and Selective (Rapid) Reading – each suitable for specific learning scenarios.

Why Choose “Learn Faster Now!” Program?

· Ease the learning process for exams and coursework.

· Effectively acquire new skills for professional growth and personal interests.

· Eliminate learning-related challenges for shaping a brighter future.

· Learn faster and more efficiently than peers, defying conventional theories.

· Discover your life’s purpose and end uncertainty about the future.

Your Journey to Enhanced Learning Starts Here! Enroll in “Learn Faster Now!” and master the art of speed reading, memory techniques, and concentration. Unleash your full learning potential with our integrated approach. Start your transformation today!

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Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures45
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews14
Global Rating4.75
Instructor NameRafał Wieszczycki

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