Kanban Exam Challenge for Lean Practitioners & Aspirants

Kanban challenge for Lean Practitioners and Aspirants to re-validate their knowledge on Kanban systems and more.


Taiichi Ohno, at Toyota,  instituted Kanban to enhance manufacturing efficiency with increasing visibility on workflow. Kanban is one of the technique to achieve JIT. Many companies now claim to have this Kanban methodology to balance the work flow of their processes. Many are still in way to improve their processes with Kanban methodology.


Why you need this exam?

As Lean professionals or Industrial engineers one should validate his/her knowledge on Kanban methodology. What are the latest trend in the market related to Kanban, how is the methodology is more efficiently used today, what are the different areas of application of Kanban methodology etc.

If you are planning to do course on Kanban, this practice exam will help you to self-assess your knowledge. This exam is not exactly on the same format as of any official Lean exam in Japan; however it gives you a good idea. This practice exam is based on MCQs.


Exam Composition

The exam will assess you on following:

o Kanban Concepts

o Kanban History

o Kanban in modern world

o Toyota’s Approach to Kanban

o Types of Kanban

o Three bin system

o  E-Kanban


Food for Thought

If you think you are an expert in Kanban after taking courses on this subject.

You need to hold on!

Join this exam and self-assess yourself!

Take the Practice Exam…

Be Familiar with Kanban knowledge which you hold…

May be you need to learn and learn…

Or you can prove your knowledge and expertise by successfully completing this exam.

Both ways, you are in a win-win situation.


Good news: We will be adding more content for example activities to practice tests in the future. If you feel that you lack the knowledge you can re-take Kanban training courses.


Self-Learning Process by examining your answers with explanation: Once you finish Kanban assessment exam, you will be provided with a “review” option. When you click “review”, a result sheet will be provided. It includes correct answers as well as the reason or explanation for the correct answer. So this exam is itself a learning process. You can improve your learning by assessing your answers against the explanation provided.


One Month Money Back Guarantee: Don’t forget, with this exam there is an unconditional offer of 100% Money Back Guarantee without inquiry. within a month  This means you have no risk when registering to this Exam.


Ask Questions & Report Complaints: Discussion forum on the right side of this exam can be used to discuss specific queries and report problems you are facing about the content of the course.

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