How to fix neck pain/headaches (desk workers) – NO WEIGHTS

Do you get neck pain or headaches? Are you a desk worker? Fix your neck pain and headaches without weights (NO GYM)!


In this course I am going to teach you how to fix your neck pain and headaches.

I have designed this course primarily for people that work at a desk but the concepts apply to anyone.

All day, I work with people that suffer neck pain and headaches. It’s at least half of my appointments for the day. And so often I am giving the same advice. So I thought to myself, why not put this in a course and make it accessible for anyone, even if you can’t get in to see me for an appointment.

So I did.

In this course I will show you how to fix your neck pain and headaches with simple exercises that I prescribe to people every day. They are things you can do without weights, without a gym and without spending an hour doing a program.

Just a few small changes can make really big differences.

In this course we look at:

  • Understanding neck pain

  • Understanding headaches

  • Understanding and implementing good desk ergonomics

  • Understanding when, and how, to use a standing desk

  • Learn exercises to stretch the neck and upper back

  • Learn exercises to self myofascial release (self-massage) the neck and upper back

  • Learn exercises to strengthen the neck and upper back (without weights)

Now keep in mind: it’s not magic. It’s not an instant fix. It will still take time and effort but you can make a big difference to your neck pain and headaches without a gym and without spending lots of $$$ in appointments to your favourite healthcare practitioner.

If you’re interested, check out the preview 🙂


If you have pain, or any other symptoms, you should seek an appropriate healthcare professional. This course is not designed to be a substitute for quality medical care but rather an educational tool to use in self-management alongside advice from a healthcare professional. Do not attempt to diagnose, or treat, yourself, or anyone else, with an injury or medical condition using the information contained in this course.


  • A well explained and presented material that will help in your development. [RE: Sports Coaching Certificate Course] Personally I was mostly interested in flexibility and this course surpassed my expectations on this matter. Well done.” – Jean

  • Great insight for [a] person with very little experience in sport industry.” – Wong

  • As an athletics coach, I found this course really useful and informative. The presentation, videos and explanations were excellent. Highly recommended.” – Brian

  • I found this course to be inviting, clear, specific and well presented. Charles’ wealth of knowledge, experience and passion, shines through, leaving no stone unturned. This course is a great attribute for a beginner coach right through to high level coaches. It will give coaches the confidence, to support their athletes, to be the best they can be. I highly recommend this course to any coach who is keen to learn, refresh and fulfil their passion to actively seek the edge in their game.” – Belinda

  • I found this course to be very comprehensive and well planned. I will be recommending this course to all our employees. We see there are definite benefits for them personally as well as for the companies OH&S. Great value.” – Tilo

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