Flutter Web Development Bootcamp:Build 2 Real-World Web Apps

Learn Flutter web development, including Flutter routing, making API requests in Flutter web apps, Build real web apps


With our in-depth “Flutter Web Development Bootcamp: Build 2 Real-World Web Apps” course, discover the world of web development with Flutter. This bootcamp is intended for developers of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned Flutter fans, and provides an extensive learning experience.

  • Foundations of Flutter for Web Development: Learn the fundamentals of Flutter specifically designed for web development, including its responsive design principles and widget system.

  • Constructing Responsive User Interfaces: Acquire the skills necessary to design dynamic, flexible user interfaces that work flawlessly across a range of screens and devices.

  • RESTful API Integration: Learn how to work with RESTful APIs to retrieve and manipulate data for your web-based apps.

  • HTTP Requests and Asynchronous Operations: To improve the responsiveness of your web applications, investigate various HTTP request strategies and asynchronous programming approaches.

  • Real-World Application Development: Put your skills to use by creating a single, comprehensive web application that includes features like effective routing and search capabilities.

  • Deployment to Cloud Servers: Learn how to put your Flutter web apps on cloud servers so that they are available to users anywhere.

You will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create, implement, and manage real-world Flutter web applications at the end of this boot-camp.

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Number of lectures63
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Instructor NameVapa Academy

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