EU GDPR – Data Protection Self Assessment Exam

Data Protection Professional should self assess their knowledge on EU GDPR requirements & its structure for improvement


General Data Protection Regulation offers a legislative framework to ensure Information Security of consumers. From user consent to data processing, from data controlling to data subject rights, from breach reporting to fines and penalties, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) covers all and is a binding document for companies working on the data of EU subjects.


Why you need this exam?

If you are a professional working in the Data Protection or you want to work in Data Protection sector you are supposed to validate your knowledge base. You need to assess your knowledge on EU GDPR which is the latest Regulation in the EU but also applies on companies working outside EU but managing EU personnel user data in European countries.

If you are planning to do course on EU GDPR, this practice exam will help you to self-assess your knowledge. This exam is not exactly on the same format as of any official exam; however it gives you a good idea. This practice exam is based on MCQs.


Exam Composition

The exam will assess you on following:

– GDPR Articles

– GDPR Sections

– GDPR Chapters

– User Consent

– Data Protection Officer

– Personal Data

– Privacy by Design

– Privacy Impact Assessment

– Processing

– Records of Processing Activities

– Right of Access

– Right to be forgotten

– Right to be informed

– Fines and Penalties


Food for Thought

If you think you are an expert in GDPR after taking courses on this subject

You need to hold on!

Join this exam and self-assess yourself!

Take the Practice Exam…

Be Familiar with GDPR knowledge which you hold…

May be you need to learn and learn…

Or you can prove your knowledge and expertise by successfully completing this exam.

Both ways, you are in a win-win situation


Certification: Udemy does not provide certification for exams, they only do in the case of Video Courses. But the great news here is, we have empowered our paid students to have a certificate, once they qualify by 80% in the exams. It is a manual process, in which learners our requested to submit evidence of qualification, and apply for the certificate. The certificates are issued at the end of a month.


Note: We will not be sharing any GDPR document. Please download it directly from European Union Law website. Its an OPEN BOOK exam. It means you can refer to the regulation at any time.

Good news: We will be adding more content for example case studies to practice tests in the future. If you feel that you lack the knowledge you can re-take GDPR courses.


Self-Learning Process by examining your answers with explanation: Once you finish GDPR assessment exam, you will be provided with a “review” option. When you click “review”, a result sheet will be provided. It includes correct answers as well as the reason or explanation for the correct answer. So this exam is itself a learning process. You can improve your learning by assessing your answers against the explanation provided.


One Month Money Back Guarantee: Don’t forget One Month 100% Money Back Guarantee without inquiry. This means you have unconditionally no risk when registering to this Exam.


Ask Questions & Report Complaints: Discussion forum on the right side of this course can be used to discuss specific queries and report problems you are facing about the content of the course.

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