Egypt 101-Your Guide To Be A Local Egyptian

A journey through Egypt


A journey through Egyptian cities going through the main stops from Alexandria at the north to Aswan at the South.We will explore each city and discuss local tips that can make your stay as enjoyable as possible. To bring you closer i will use photos and maps.I will talk about where to stay and available accommodation options whether you chose a moderate hotel or a luxurious one or a single clean bed in a hostel. I experienced being a solo traveler on a low budget trying to save money for adentures and I also stayed in comfy hotels with my family. I will also talk about the available means for transportation whither inside cities or between them. Besides,We will talk about the food that is characteristic for each city and I will show some photos from my lens. One of the best things about Egypt and also in this course is food discussions. YOU CAN’T COME TO EGYPT AND MISS THE MOUTHWATERING EGYPTIAN FOOD.I will talk about the main locations that needs to be visited and give you some local advice on how to avoid the odds in your stay. There is course will be always updated and I will be with you if you want to ask about anything. We will also have a facebook group where we can reach easier and keep you always updated.

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