Energy Tapping for Deaf People Making Positive Change

For the 1st time ever deaf people can learnt to use EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique and achieve personal transformation


5 Star Review

Excellent course, which can be alternative to personal therapy. It helps to grow emotionally. The instructor is clear and transmits stability and peace. I recommend the course

Gloria Sindy Castellanos Gómez

After many years of working one to one with clients in my therapy room having amazing results with EFT a simple to learn and apply technique, I decided to create EFT protocols that could be used to reduce or eliminate the bad feelings that hold so many people back from the life they deserve.

And now with many successful programs created I thought to myself who else am I not reaching with this simple to learn life changing technique, and I thought perhaps deaf people are being left out with this and many other things in life. So I decided to create an EFT program that deaf people could easily follow and learn how to make positive changes for themselves.


So how do I teach you EFT as I do not know sign language, with the power of visual video instructions and subtitles so that to learn EFT all you have to do is follow along with me and read all the instructions on screen.

Closed captions and full transcript of all videos have been added to help give you every advantage of getting to learn apply and change and improve your life with EFT Emotional Freedom Technique 


Total Students907
Original Price($)799
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Number of lectures7
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews25
Global Rating4.5
Instructor NameAlan Kirwan

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