Complete Railway Reservation System Using STREAMLIT & SQLITE

Complete Railway Reservation System Using STREAMLIT & SQLITE


Course Title: Complete Railway Reservation System using Streamlit and SQLite

Course Description:

Welcome to the “Complete Railway Reservation System using Streamlit and SQLite” course! In this project-based course, you will learn how to build a fully functional railway reservation system using Streamlit, a popular Python framework for building interactive web applications, and SQLite, a lightweight relational database management system.

Class Overview:

  1. Introduction to Railway Reservation System:

    • Understand the requirements and functionalities of a railway reservation system.

    • Explore the key components and features to be implemented in the project.

  2. Setting Up the Development Environment:

    • Install necessary dependencies, including Streamlit and SQLite, and set up the development environment.

    • Create a new project directory and initialize the Streamlit application.

  3. Database Design and Schema Creation:

    • Design the database schema to store information about trains, passengers, bookings, and other relevant entities.

    • Use SQLite to create the database tables and establish relationships between them.

  4. Building the User Interface with Streamlit:

    • Design and develop the user interface for the railway reservation system using Streamlit components.

    • Implement features such as searching for trains, making reservations, and viewing booking details.

  5. Integration with SQLite Database:

    • Connect the Streamlit application to the SQLite database and implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations.

    • Ensure data integrity and consistency by handling database transactions and error conditions.

  6. Implementing Business Logic and Validation:

    • Implement business logic to handle user requests, validate input data, and enforce business rules.

    • Handle edge cases such as seat availability, duplicate bookings, and invalid inputs.

  7. Testing and Debugging:

    • Test the railway reservation system thoroughly to ensure all functionalities work as expected.

    • Debug and troubleshoot any issues or errors encountered during testing.

  8. Deployment and Hosting:

    • Deploy the Streamlit application to a hosting platform such as Streamlit Sharing.

    • Make the railway reservation system accessible to users over the internet.

Enroll now and embark on your journey to building a complete railway reservation system from scratch using Streamlit and SQLite!

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