Communication in the Workplace

Improving workplace communication with your employees, co-workers, managers, or anyone else.


Are you looking to improve your workplace communication?  Whether you are a manager, CEO, team member, sales rep, or co-worker, this course covers all the basics for a better communicative workplace.  Communication is something that everyone brings to the table, so we are all responsible for fostering a great communicative environment.

This course is designed to provide basic information on how you can work towards creating a better workplace environment through communicating in a way that is professional.  We aim to helping you create a better workplace for not only yourself, but the team around you as well.

We will cover the 4 types of communication – verbal, non-verbal, symbolic, and written.  Review the importance of each one and even what happens if one of these is missing to the person receiving the communication.  This course also covers what active listening is and how to ensure you are actively listening to those around you.  Questioning techniques and how to use them are also discussed including: open and closed questions, summarizing questions, and leading questions and when best to use these.  Included in our written communication is email etiquette and we cover some of the basic rules of thumb when sending or receiving emails.  Grammar and spelling are always important too, to ensure you come across the way you wish to so a video is included with some basic examples.  Online or virtual communication can be difficult if a type of communication is missing, so a section is added a section to cover this on its own as well.  Lastly, giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback happens at the work place not just with a manager to an employee, but also co-worker to co-worker and employee to manager and those important aspects will be discussed so you have a better sense of how to use this for better communication in the workplace.

If you are ready to have a better, happier workplace through great communication, then welcome to the course!

Disclaimer: By purchasing this course, the student agrees to the following.  Tara Lehman and those at Twin Life Coaching & Business Services are providing advice and examples only in this course.  The actions of the students are their actions alone and not the responsibility or liability of Twin Life Coaching & Business Services or their coaches.  The students hold harmless Tara Lehman and Twin Life Coaching & Business Services and its coaching from all costs, loses, damages, judgements, claims, suits, demands, actions, complaints or other proceedings based upon the student’s actions in connection with this course.

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