Breathing for Health

Learn to breathe right and keep the lungs healthy


Every day we breathe over and over, and sometimes we have to catch our breath. But are we breathing right? Are we breathing with the maximum efficiency? Are we breathing in a way that helps us relax and boosts our concentration? Are we increasing our breathing capacity? This course will teach you how to breathe right, how to breath with the maximum efficiency, how to better relax and concentrate with breathing, and how to increase your breathing capacity. This course will also teach you several breathing techniques and how to breathe right while walking, sitting, standing, waiting, running and meditating. It will teach you pranayama and how to use a neti pot.

This course is based upon my book on breathing, called “Breathing to Heal.” A free copy of this book is included with the purchase of this course!

After the introduction video, the first lesson will be about the physiology of the lungs and airways, and how our bodies consume oxygen and expel carbon dioxide and waste matter. This will show how the lungs work, how the sinuses work too.

The third video is about the stuff we breathe. This defines what good healthy air is, and the various forms of pollution that we breathe in outside, inside and at our work places. This also gives numerous tips on how to keep our air cleaner.

The fourth video is about some of the health conditions that can interfere with breathing, including asthma, allergies and sinusitis.

Then we explore several breathing techniques and what each are good for. This lesson also includes how to breathe while sitting, while standing, while eating, talking and walking. It also discusses breathing while we sleep and sleeping and sitting postures that help maintain healthy breathing.

The sixth video shows you how to increase your lung capacity. Increasing breathing capacity is important to athletes and anyone who wants to be more healthy. This video also discusses the Buteyko Method and how this method has been disproven by scientific research. The video further discusses the most optimum breathing techniques, including alternating breath and neti pot cleansing practices.

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