YouTube Trademark And Copyright Use – Avoid Strikes

Avoid the feared YouTube strike! Avoid the Trademark And Copyright strike on YouTube – Plus free music for YouTube


This is a focused course specifically for YouTube creators who want to make sure they don’t get any Copyright strikes on YouTube.

This is the kind of a course that you can take in one day. You don’t even have to sit in front of a computer. You can listen to it on the go because just listening to this content can be enough to learn just about all of it.


This issue has plagued YouTubers for a long time. YouTubers just want to create videos and find an audience. They don’t want to become legal experts. But because of that, many YouTubers have run into trouble unwittingly making copyright violations, and earning strikes.

If you accumulate enough strikes on your account, your entire channel can get banned, and all your hard work can be ruined. That’s why as YouTubers, we must understand the laws around Copyrights and trademarks.


Another problem that plagues YouTubers is using music in videos that is protected. If you use music that’s Copyright-protected, you can’t monetize those videos even if you don’t get a penalty. So you end up not making any money from your videos. With this course, you’ll learn how to find royalty-free music and protect your monetization.

Invest in your YouTube channel and protect all your hard work! Enroll today!

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