Authentic Leadership

How to be as much of Yourself and an effective Leader


Leadership is very demanding. Whether it was sought or foist upon you. To be asked to be yourself or as much of yourself as possible while Leading could be one of the most demanding things, especially in a professional or business environment.

However, being as much of yourself is about the best place you can be to be optimal in your Leadership role.

This course will help you identify and navigate aspects that you should pay attention to, how to navigate areas where there may be conflicts, communication, education and much more, all while dispensing your duties of a Leader.

The more AUTHENTIC a Leader is, the better they will perform in work and other environments. Being Authentic brings every Leader closer to being their best professionally (and personally).

What does it mean? Being TRUE to your Values, being Honest with Yourself and Others as best as possible.

It is USUALLY a Journey which evolves over time and keeps evolving.

During this period of evolution, changes will need to be managed along with duties of the Leadership role. In some cases, these will not be aligned:

– Some values, personal might sometimes not align with work

– What are your responsibilities to the organisation, the business, your colleagues, board etc?

– As a leader, in any capacity, you represent more than just yourself.

– Build a bridge to connect the things you believe help you be yourself the best with your work, especially as a leader

– How to keep being accessible

– Appropriate communication

– Utilise sympathy, understanding and fairness

and much more.

The ultimate goal is to help you grow, evolve, develop into the best, most comfortable, productive you as a leader. Delivering your remit as a leader while becoming the most authentic person you can be.

I hope you find this course helpful and look forward to your feedback.

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