Practical IoT Security and Penetration testing for Beginners

Learn the Basics of IoT security and jump into practical penetration testing of IoT devices


Dive into the world of IoT security! This beginner-friendly course equips you with the foundational knowledge of vulnerabilities in connected devices. Learn how to identify threats, understand penetration testing methodologies, and gain hands-on experience through practical exercises. No prior experience is required on IoT devices – just a passion for protecting the interconnected future!

Section 1: Demystifying the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • IoT Fundamentals 101: Grasp the core concepts – components, communication protocols, real-world applications.

  • Unveiling the Architecture: Deep dive into the layers and data flow within IoT systems.

  • Securing the Frontier: Master common IoT vulnerabilities and the consequences of security breaches.

Section 2: Cracking the Code: Firmware Analysis and Manipulation

  • Firmware Extraction Mastery: Unlock the secrets within devices using industry-standard tools and techniques.

  • Firmware Forensics: Analyze extracted firmware to identify vulnerabilities, functionalities, and valuable information.

  • Emulation Engineering: Create safe simulated environments for testing attacks on IoT devices.

  • Advanced Backdooring (Educational Only): Understand the concept of backdooring router and learn to backdoor a real-world WIFI router.

Section 3: Attacking IoT Protocols: MQTT and Modbus for Beginners

  • MQTT for Beginners: Master the Message Queueing Telemetry Transport protocol and its potential security weaknesses.

  • Modbus Mastery: Unlock the secrets of the Modbus protocol used in industrial control systems and identify vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Testing Prowess: Gain hands-on experience with industry-standard tools and techniques to ethically exploit vulnerabilities and test the security of IoT networks exploiting MQTT and Modbus protocols (Note: Techniques covered for educational purposes only.)

This comprehensive course equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a sought-after expert in securing the ever-expanding world of the Internet of Things.

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