Business Process Simplification

Simplify your business processes, making them more effective, efficient and productive in this practically built course.


Effective processes are crucial to the success of any organization. They are vehicles that enable our colleagues to produce our products, services and outputs. They are the lifeblood of any business. However, if those processes are not performing as effectively as they could be, they can be a real hinderance on the successful performance or individuals and the quality of their outputs.

This is where business simplification comes in. Being able to simplify your business processes is a skill highly in demand today. This skill enables you to identify opportunities within a process to reduce waste, time and effort. It is an approach which educates you on the best tools and techniques available to help you solution for problems, issues and defects holding back your processes. Business process simplification is a continual effort, and this never ending approach means it is a highly desirable skill as it will always be required by businesses large and small, in all industries.

In this course we are going to cover off the following:

– What business process simplification is (with examples, the what, why and when etc.)

– How business process simplification can be pursued (the approaches and techniques)

– The various methodologies that can support this approach (Lean, PDCA etc.)

– The 8 stage process to follow when delivering a simplification project (define, map, analyze etc.)

– The key considerations you must think through each time (automation, standardization, the role of teams and data etc.)

This course has been built to finely balance theory and practical – for each relevant section we will explore what it is, detail how to pursue it and give a practical demonstration of how the how can be achieved. The course also has a series of practical exercises and interactive templates included, so you can be as involved or not in this learning experience as you would like – you can tailor the experience to your own learning approach.

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