Hands-on Eye Yoga Exercises to Improve Eyesight – Face Yoga

Face Yoga or eye yoga specifically improves Eyesight for Nearsighted, Farsighted, Astigmatism, or for reading glasses


This course teaches all the basics of the Bates method to see clearly again without glasses! Some people call it Face Yoga or Eye Yoga. While Dr.Bates might have learned some of these techniques from the East, it is definitely a unique approach that he came up with to improve eyesight naturally.

Natural Eyesight method works for Myopia (Nearsightedness), Hyperopia (Farsightedness), Astigmatism, Presbyopia (reading glasses) and many other eye conditions that come with age!

Who is this for?

Believe that eyes don’t heal Have you been told by traditional eye care professionals that eyes don’t heal? Restore your eyesight the natural way without any surgery or relying on glasses or contacts.

Never knew about alternative methods Do you use glasses and contact lenses and believe there is no alternative to them? “See” our 15-minute method that enables you to see clearly without depending on glasses.

Afraid of life without glasses Are you afraid of taking off your glasses and seeing blur? I will show you the method so that you can read menus, small labels and your phone without blurry eyes!

I was able to apply these techniques myself and was able to clear my vision and completely got rid of my glasses.
I taught my son how to do it and he doesn’t wear glasses anymore! 
So did a dozen of my clients so far!
you can be the next success story!

How the Program works

Literally “SEE” the change!: “See” the change for yourself in 15 minutes a day! Implement simple and proven vision activities to break free from glasses.

Restore your natural eyesight: No more straining when you’re reading signs, menus and text messages.

Keep improving eyesight for years to come! Even with excessive screen usage! Apply the habits that people with perfect eyesight are using to naturally preserve their eyesight from deterioration.

Say bye to glasses! 

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