Workplace Harassment Prevention

Discover Strategies For Tackling Workplace Harassment And Keeping Your Employees Safe


Are you looking to understand the different types of workplace harassment that occur and how they impact employees? Do you wish to handle complaints more effectively and understand the legality of harassment incidents? Are you looking to implement policies that prevent targeted harassment and create a safer work environment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is perfect for you!

In the business world today, workplace harassment prevention is more important than ever. Creating a space where workers feel safe and protected is crucial to having a productive workforce. If harassment goes unchecked, it can damage employees, your company, and the company’s relationships. That is why it’s important to understand workplace harassment and the many forms it can take. Considering that approximately 29% of people are bullied at work and of those, 46% noted that it adversely affected their work performance, it is clear to see how important this is to tackle.

Over six short video lectures, you will embark on a journey where you will uncover the intricacies of workplace harassment, gaining a deep understanding of its various types and the profound impacts it can have on individuals. We will explore the nuances of harassment prevention, empowering you to formulate effective strategies that safeguard individual employees from targeted harassment. You will delve into the recognition of signs and types of harassment, enabling you to identify offenders within the workplace and implement preventive measures to avoid future incidents. Our exploration extends to cultural sensitivity and diversity, guiding you in creating and implementing harassment prevention training programs that resonate with diverse workforces. Real-world case studies and scenarios will be your guides as we examine common forms of harassment and equip you with the knowledge of how to adeptly handle incidents when they occur.

After completing this course, we believe you will be able to understand what workplace harassment looks like so you can inform others to identify it as well. You will learn to build on this foundation and empower other members of your organisation. Finally, you will understand what tools your company can provide employees with to report harassment and how to investigate those claims.

Are you ready to shape your work environment into a safer space for everyone? Enrol now to learn more!

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