Working with Web APIs in Microsoft Power Automate (MS Flow)

This course covers everything you need to work with web APIs from Power Automate (Not for developers)


API is typically developers’ area of expertise, but Power Automate has made REST are Web API development so easy that now even non-developers can build REST APIs using Power Automate. At the same time consuming REST APIs developed by other third parties from inside Power Automate flow is also a simple task that does not require you to be a developer to achieve it.

This course is targeted to non-developers. You don’t need any software development or coding background and the very basic Web API fundamentals are covered in this course.

We also use Postman to call API’s that we build in this course and we also see how we can consume REST APIs that are build from third parties. This will significantly expand your flow functionality.

Follow the chapters slowly, do all the exercises and follow along the demos. More than anything focus more on understanding the concepts than just doing things and concepts are simplified to a level that non-developers can easily understand it. Regardless, I am there to answer the questions. So when in doubt, just add your question to QA section under the lecture.

This course requires your basic understanding on Power Automate flows like triggers and actions.

Best of luck and I really appreciate your feedback on the course once you finish it.

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