The Voice Color Method: Singing Lessons That Really Work!

Become an amazing singer, or even start a high paying career teaching voice lessons


Let me tell you about my 16-year-old student vocal student, Sierra.  She rarely sang in front of people and a had soft, timid voice. I taught her several lessons using the “Voice Color Method,” and she rapidly transformed into a captivating singer.

Within two months, she improved so drastically that she made an album and released a song on social media, which quickly garnered millions of views.

Whether you’re aiming to become a professional singer like Sierra or just want to sing Happy Birthday without embarrassment, the Voice Color Method can help you achieve your goals in a short amount of time.

Other singing methods often have you practice warmups and exercises that don’t always bring about obvious change.   

The Voice Color Method  is a better way to learn. It uses dozens of graphics that will help you “see” how to sing, which is especially crucial since the voice is the one instrument you can’t see.

You will be able to self-diagnose your “voice color,” a unique fingerprint of your strengths and weaknesses as a singer. Then, you will learn targeted exercises that will help you overcome the obstacles of your particular way of singing.

Physiologically, you will master the secrets of singing, such as creating space inside of you and regulating your resonators.

Mentally, you will learn to overcome creative obstacles, unlocking your true voice.

With the Voice Color Method, you will curate your most mesmerizing and resonant voice within days!

There’s simply no other vocal course like it.

And if you love this program, you can even create an amazing, high-paying career by becoming a Voice Color Method certified instructor. (If you are interested in this, please go to the last lesson to find out how to contact me.) 

You’re just moments away from unlocking your most captivating voice! 

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