UI UX Design Hybrid from Figma to HTML CSS and JavaScript

Learn how to become a Full-Stack Designer with User Interface Design, User Experience Design, Web Development, Bootstrap


From Figma to Coding in 1 place

  • Design everything in Figma & code it using HTML CSS JavaScript

  • Become a Figma power user by learning how to leverage plugins

  • Master industry standard UI UX Design standards

  • Seamlessly inspect and build your Figma Components for development handoff

  • Become a unicorn UI UX Designer who knows design and code

  • Automate your brand style guide as a visual designer with Figma

  • Create complex web design layouts with Figma Auto Layout and use pure CSS Grid and Flexbox

  • Transform Photoshop into HTML mark up and style it with CSS

  • Transform SVG with vanilla JavaScript

  • Trigger JavaScript DOM events and control CSS animations with JavaScript

  • Learn interaction design with CSS Transitions and Animation

  • Develop production ready responsive design with Bootstrap 5 Grid system

Summary of Udemy Students Review:

  • Zoe Chin — “Hossein’s teaching is so cohesive. I’m a total beginner at coding and have always been intimidated by code, but these lessons helped me understand new concepts in UX development so easily that I dare say I thoroughly enjoyed learning. Thank you! :)”

  • Ebru Aksoy —  “Awesome course! I have already had some knowledge on the coding side of web development but I felt that I needed some UX/UI point of view, so I ended up at Hossein’s course and I couldn’t be more happier! He expanded my imagination with especially the SVG section and the 10 great projects at the end. I also got to brush up on my skills of CSS & JavaScript with his elaborately structured teaching style. I will definitely keep the notes I received from this course by my side while working on further projects. I definitely recommend. Thanks a lot, Hossein”

  • Omar A — “I wish I took this course instead of wasting so many countless hours on others. As someone trying to learn UX/UI/Front-End, this is brilliant. Super logical course structure and flow. Would give ten stars if I could. Thanks Mr. Hossein.”

  • Maria Beatriz — “I’ve been really enjoying this course. It’s one of the best I’ve done on web dev and UX/UI. The content is simple, original, and super useful. You have to try it!”

  • Darian Brandt — “I loved the simple, graphical and memorable UI and UX design notes which taught me things I didn’t even know I needed to know. The entire course is very easy to understand but surprisingly in-depth. I’m learning a lot more than I expected, thanks”

  • Prem Sager “This is awesome and a must-do course for all the frontend developers. The UX part was very well researched and presented. HTML was a really good refresher. Completed CSS and JS sections, this content is amazing and really boosts my skill set.”

Jayed Mahmud I wanted to learn coding which is related to Website design which is implemented quite nicely in this course. This course starts with visualization which is absolutely brilliant. I am still continuing but so far this is a great one. Thanks.”

  • Ebe David Temiloluwa —”In this course, I got the kind of frontend development designs I have never come across before in the projects. If you’re looking for new type of designs produced with good css and javascript, this is the course for you.”

  • Jeisson Zambrano — “This course targets exactly what I came here looking for. The explanations are clear and focused on the business perspective of UX/UI development.”

  • Pratham Bhatter — This has to be one of the best course on Udemy for UI UX. Not only you learn the fundamentals of UI UX, but also build a good foundation about Web Design and Frontend Development. As an instructor, Hossein did an amazing job explaining the concepts and the beautiful notes he provided were very handy too. I would definitely recommend this course to someone who is interested in UI UX Design and Development and also wants to build a solid foundation in this field. Thank you Hossein 🙂

Total Students7906
Original Price($)3499
Sale PriceFree
Number of lectures390
Number of quizzes0
Total Reviews908
Global Rating4.625
Instructor NameBoroji Design Inc.

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